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Artist Profile Management
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Whether you’re an established group of musicians, semi-pro, solo artist or a new band getting ready for your first launch, buckle up and read on as we’re going to SAVE YOU MONEY,  TIME AND POSSIBLY YOUR SOUL!

We know first-hand that it has become increasingly difficult to manage the day to day needs of digital media, social media, website updates, promotion, artistic profile and chasing bookings, especially when you may have day jobs or other commitments.

Only Music Media can step in and assist you in the daily, weekly and monthly running of your band / music project. We work behind the scenes keeping you on trend and in-vogue, building your profile so you can gain better traction and visibility within the music industry for the purpose of attaining more and potentially better quality gigs and / or exposure for your work.

Whether you perform as a covers band, tribute band or an originals project, quality profile and promotional management is paramount for success, and until now, the cost of accessing the required level of support from across several industry professions has more than often been financially prohibitive for most. But now you can join Only Music Media to build your PR and artist profile. 

We develop where required: 

. A one day showreel recording session at a pro-recording studio including follow up production.
. A promotional showreel video to go with the recording
. An on location photo shoot
. Brand design
. Social media management
. Website hosting and design
. Access to music industry consultancy
. Printable online poster design for every show
. Booking management and negotiation
. Inclusion on our artist roster

Incredibly, you can access all of the above for just £25.00 per week, leaving the stress of raising and managing your industry profile to our experienced team, so you can do what you do best….playing music!

How can we do this and how do you find out more? We can do this because our team has vast knowledge of the music industry, multiple in-house skills and many passionate industry colleagues and partners whom we work with to reduce costs, while at the same time maintaining enthusiasm and quality. And for all its flaws, we love this industry and genuinely wish to see people succeed within it!

We’ll book you in for a FREE consultation, during which we’ll explore your existing marketing, your current profile, your goals and your requirements. This will take about 90 minutes. We’ll then offer feedback and advice, and also examine where we believe we can help you. If you like what we have to say, you’ll be invited to join us and we’ll set a date to begin building or strengthening your bespoke profile in order to help realise your goals.




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