Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is any, however, our support is mainly governed by what the individual or band wish to accomplish, rather than its type, format, genre etc.

Our bread and butter is in helping covers and tribute bands / artists raise their artist PR profiles and their visibility via promotion once that PR profile is built. The results of which will hopefully land them more and possibly better quality work.

We take a similar approach with our original band / artist clients, which can achieve great results in terms of more and better quality work also, but sometimes an original artist’s goals will be beyond the scope of what we have to offer with this package.

This does not mean to say that we don’t have the skills, knowledge and the collaborators to be able to tick all the boxes in respect of “breaking” an original project, far from it, but that’s not the aim of this particular offer.

If you are an original artist, have great material, gladiatorial tenacity and deep pockets, then by all means talk to us about industry PR, plugging, recording, touring, publishing, record deals, sync licensing or anything else.

We can provide hourly fixed fee consultancy and we have the contacts to be able to set you on the right path for potential success, but of course you don’t require any of that to elevate your current originals project for a moderate and fantastic value for money monthly fee…..and who knows, you may then attract the right organizations to pay for all that other industry paraphernalia for you! 

We only work with artists whom we realistically feel we can help.

Initially we look and listen to an artist and gauge whether there is room for us to achieve the goals we set out for all of clients.

If we feel we can help, we will offer the artist a FREE consultancy session followed by an honest assessment regarding the potential outcomes of our involvement.

As a company, we will be investing in you quite heavily, therefore we need you to commit to a twelve month contract so we can re-coup our costs.

We obviously hope you’ll stay with us for several years after the twelve month contract is up and that we enjoy a multi-year relationship with you which will prove to be mutually beneficial.

We’ve put this deal together on a monthly payment basis, because as working musicians ourselves, we are very aware of how difficult it can be for some artists and bands to find large sums of money to invest in themselves.

By charging a more affordable monthly fee over a twelve month period, it helps bands and artists spread the cost of building their PR image and promotion, something which many bands and artists never get to have produced professionally because of the upfront costs involved.

Our involvement with your project will aim to enhance your earning potential and as a result pay for itself, but again much of the income you may gain as a result of our work with you , will be paid to you weekly or sometimes monthly by venues and bookers, so in many ways, it’s similar to paying weekly or monthly for agent’s fees out of your earnings.

If a client wishes to pay for twelve month’s service upfront, we’d be very pleased to accommodate that too.

One day in the studio is enough time to record a 4.30min-5.30min showreel.

Together we would pre-select sections of up to eight tracks from your current set to record, each section possibly being 30 secs to 50secs each on average.

You would need to be fully rehearsed on all of these sections and ready to play them in the studio upon arrival.

After your one day recording session, the showreel is set for production and will take approximately two weeks to be delivered in it’s final format….And then we’re ready for filming!

All of our showreels are recorded at professional recording studios and by experienced engineers and producers. No recordings are produced in bedroom facilities or home studios, or indeed in hobbyist studio environments.

It is in all of our interests that your showreel is of good quality and will represent you professionally.

Once we have the studio recording of the showreel complete and we are awaiting it’s production and final delivery, we will begin the process of identifying and booking a venue to film the showreel, if indeed we don’t do this in our own in-house studio, which may be the case if suitable.

We allow a day’s shooting on location or in the studio, and approximately a fortnight to edit and produce the final 4.30mins – 5.30mins film.

Either on location or in our own studio, depending on what’s required.

Having quality and appropriate photos for your project is extremely important.

Photos are huge part of your PR image and need to represent you in the correct way for the type of work or promotion you wish to achieve.

After an initial consultation and advisory meeting, we will undertake a one day (usually 4-5 hour) photo session with you either on location or in our studio, in order to produce a stock of high quality photos for use across various media over time.

The photo session, editing process and final delivery takes approximately a fortnight to complete.

Throughout the year we will more than likely capture further candid photos of you at gigs etc, but again, these will be of professional standard and not poor snapshots. The will be used strategically throughout your PR campaign.

Managing your photographic image is important and we’ll work with you to make sure it’s always on point.

We are not an agency per-se and we do not guarantee we can get you gigs.

However, by managing your PR profile and promoting you, we would indeed hope work would come your way, whether that be as gigs or in other desired ways.

We have a roster of artists on our books and we will encourage bookers to come to us to book gigs with you through us.

We will also be promoting you to appropriate venues which may wish to book you.

We will advise and consult with you on exactly how much work you wish to undertake, what value you wish to place on yourselves, how far you are willing to travel, what type of work you want etc.

After this consultation, you are welcome to keep us up to date with your available dates and we’ll book shows for you based on your wishes, availability and requirements. This service will be included in your monthly service charge, so there will be no extra agent’s fees!

This also leaves you contractually free to take on gigs directly, without being tied to an agent.

No we do not.

Any fee for work which comes your way as a result of our efforts is your own.

If you are an originals artist and your music is of a quality, then there’s no reason why with our PR and promotions expertise that you shouldn’t pick up airplay.

We have good collaborative relations with an ever growing number of radio stations which also assists us in pursuit of airplay for our clients.

Plugging is a different thing of course, but general airplay should come as a natural result of our PR efforts and is part of the deal!


Yes you can. Please contact us for a chat and a quote.

All quotes are based on your own requirements and wishes.

Yes, we can produce a video to go with your song.

Please contact us for a chat and a quote.

All quotes are based on your own requirements and wishes.

Yes, we only use high quality professional studios for our clients and we can organise a session or sessions for you, which will include various levels of production and mastering, depending on your own requirements and expectations.

Please contact us for a chat and a quote.

Yes you can, and we also provide more than what is offered in this package too.

In fact, there is little in the industry that we can’t offer either internally or via our collaborators.

Contact us for quotes for: Photo sessions, video showreels, video production for whole songs or projects, website design / management, music studio recording and digital design.

Music industry consultancy is also available at £40.00 per hour, which covers everything from general industry advice to specifics such as landing publishing and record deals to event management and infrastructure procuring.

For the first twelve months of your contract, we will keep charge of the website we build for you.

After the twelve months has passed and as long as we have been paid, the website is yours. If you continue to require our services after the first twelve month contact expires, we will of course continue to manage the website, but ownership of it will be handed to you.

If we are just managing an existing website owned by you, then we do not take ownership of it.

For the first twelve months of your contract, we will own the showreel we have made for you.

After the twelve months of your contract has passed and as long as we have been paid, the showreel is yours.

If you enter into another contract with us for another twelve months after the first has expired, we will produce another showreel for you and again that showreel will be our property until that particular twelve months has passed and so on.

You will own them outright as soon as they are edited and delivered, but we will discuss with you when, where and how we wish to use them to support your PR profile.