Success Begins With A Statement Of Intent!

It's Showtime, Lets Get You A Reel

Why Should You Produce A Showreel?

Picture this: You’re reaching out to venues, festivals, corporate events and the average person who just wishes to book an act for their special occasion. They may have received countless submissions or have had many recommendations, so they’re looking to distinguish the remarkable from the ordinary, find a fit which suits and more often than not, find it quickly.

This is where a well-crafted showreel comes into play. It’s not just a compilation of clips showcasing what you do, what you sound like and how you can look, it’s your visual and auditory business card, and your chance to create an immediate impact, so it needs to be engaging and cover several bases efficiently!

At Only Music Media, we specialise in creating great showreels which impress those who experience them, because we understand just how powerful a tool they are to promote an act or project.

When it comes to the importance of audio quality, we’re meticulous. We’ve partnered with a long standing and well respected music industry recording studio where you will experience both a high standard of sound recording and production, and all at a luxury setting!

The studio also works with our filmmakers so that the editing process of your showreel runs smoothly and professionally.

From the selection of filming location to final production, we’re here to guide you at every step, providing answers to your questions, artistic discussion and advice whenever you need it. Our commitment doesn’t end when the camera stops rolling either; we’re always here for you.

Your music deserves the spotlight and our showreels are the key to unlocking doors, making immediate impressions and elevating your music career.